Why You Need To Stop Wasting Your Time on Facebook Group Sales Threads

Uncategorized Aug 19, 2020

Right guys, it’s time to stop messing about and to start doing things that are actually going to make you money! There’s a reason I don’t have a sales thread on the Soulful Success Society Facebook Group, and that’s because a lot of the time, they don’t work. People put out all kinds of offers, without really thinking about who is in that group, how appropriate their offer is, and without giving people the value they need to invest. This is why I have a freebies thread instead! I wanna know what freebies you are offering that are going to actually show your value, properly convince someone of your knowledge and expertise, and eventually land that sale.

So, here are my 2 main reasons why you should stop wasting time on Facebook sales threads, and instead make proactive and intentional movement to sell your programmes!

Reason 1 - It’s not your audience

Even if someone has grown a group that has a very similar client base to your ideal client, ask yourself, what should you be doing in that group? Should you be going on sales threads that people only really go on to advertise their own services? No! The likelihood of someone having the exact same client base as you is slim, and not only that but people want to buy from real people! If it isn’t your audience, and you haven’t built a rapport with the people in the group, then realistically they are pretty unlikely to invest in the service that you post on the sales thread.

Reason 2 - It’s not your leads

So what do I mean by the term leads? Well, leads are prospective clients who would potentially work with you in the future but aren’t working with your current offering. So you could have a lead in one of your programmes who you may potentially want to pitch another programme to. A lead doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve never worked with them, just that they aren’t engaged with your current offering. Now, all leads are slightly different; they are either hot, warm, or cold. Majority of the time you will be pitching to cold leads, these are people who have no idea who you are or what you do. The chances from them buying from you are teeny tiny, compared to a hot lead who knows you and your work and has previously invested in an offering of yours or shown interest in working with you. If you are constantly trying to sell on other Facebook Groups sales threads, the chances are you are just interacting with cold leads, which will offer very little in terms of reward and sales.

So right now you are probably thinking, ok great, but what should I do instead? Well, you are in luck because I have got some fire advice to get you those sales that you are craving!

Create a Facebook group

I CANNOT EMPHASISE THIS ENOUGH! My Facebook group has made me over $200k in sales, without having to be pushy or give myself the ‘ick’ feeling over selling. If you create a community that you regularly and consistently show up for, give them valuable content, and support them; then when it comes round to selling your offerings people will be chomping at the bit to buy off you! Getting your ideal clients together in one space allows them to communicate with each other, create relationships and community, and find supportive business buddies. In turn, you warm up leads, network, and create a space that brings a little light to people's life. Win-Win!

Free Content and Lead Magnets

Free content is also known as a lead magnet. Offering people free, valuable content creates an effect in buyers psychology where, 1 - people feel as though they should pay for valuable content, so are more likely to purchase in the future, and 2 - once people have been given a taste of what you offer and can experience how life-changing your services could be for them, of course, they are way more likely to invest! If your free content is great, imagine how amazing your paid offerings are?! Going into groups and offering freebies will be far more valuable to you and your business, cold leads will interact with your content, creating warm or even hot leads, which in turn will get you those high ticket sales you want! Remember, freebies won’t necessarily turn into instant sales, but what they will do is warm up your leads and create a relationship between you and your ideal client.

Sales funnel (or hierarchy of service)

If you are a regular over here, I guarantee you have heard me waffle on about sales funnels (or hierarchy of service) plenty of times. This is for good reason! Essentially the base level where most people work with you is your free content, this is the least individualised but more easily accessible content. Now, share it! Whether it’s on the freebies thread on the Soulful Success Society, or on your Instagram, or even by bloody carrier pigeon, let people know where it is. The further down the funnel you get, the more individualised and time consuming the offerings will be. Most of your clients will go down your funnel step-by-step, meaning they start with your free content and gradually invest more in your services based on what results you help them to achieve. Again, this highlights just how damn important freebies are to all of your other offerings and services! Head to my Hierarchy of Services blog to find out more about creating a hierarchy of services for your business.

So please, for the love of God, STOP POSTING IN SALES THREADS. Invest that time into creating amazing freebies and engaging with the right audience. If you want to reignite and engage your Facebook Group and make it a lead making machine, then check out my free workbook that gives you 50 Facebook Group Post Ideas! Let’s get those Facebook Groups popping, and that free content flowing.



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