How To Up Your Sales!

Uncategorized Oct 14, 2020

Sales can seem a little daunting, but I promise you it's not all as scary as you think! I'm going to let you in on my tips and tricks that make sales feel soul-aligned and rewarding, whilst also growing your business.


If you are someone who wants to change the world, then remember that for every sale you make, you ARE changing somebody's world. Selling is serving! You are here to make a positive impact, and for the fulfillment that impact gives you. Your services can have a huge impact on people, so selling them is only bringing good to the world. 


Here are 3 key steps to up your sales and sell out your services!


Step 1: Sales Mindset

The first thing you need is to visualise your success, you need to see yourself and your business where you want it to be. Who do you need to become to make your business goals achievable? So let's make a stretch goal. Think to yourself, how much do I want to earn this month? From this, focus on what you need to do to get there. What are you launching or selling this month? What services will get you where you need to be? Now I want you to streeeetch out that goal, if you were your absolute best version of yourself this month, what could you achieve? So say you want to make 100k this month if you were your best self, could this be 250k? Visualise who you need to be to reach this stretch goal, and smash your targets!


Step 2: Sales Strategy

Now you have your mindset in the right place, it's time to figure out how we are going to achieve these goals. Firstly, start by focusing on what you are selling! Focus on one thing at a time, be clear of your message, and put your energy into one resource at a time. Then, decide how much you are selling this service for. How much do you need to sell your service for, to reach your goal income? You then have to figure out how many of this particular service needs to be sold to reach these income goals. Is it 100 small ticket courses, or maybe five 1-2-1 spots?

Finally, tap into your buyer psychology with your offer! Buyers will typically ask three questions when investing in your service, so make sure you have an answer to the following:

1 - What's in it for me?

2 - How much does it cost?

3 - What's special about it?

Make sure that everywhere that you advertise your service, you answer these three questions!


Step 3: Sales Funnels

A funnel is a map of the journey you want to take your client on, from the point of them finding you, to the point of the sale; this doesn't have to be boring! Put some fun and imagination into it, sprinkle it full of freebies and valuable content, and woo your ideal clients into wanting to work with you before you even sell them anything. If you have an amazing sales funnel, it takes out half the challenge of selling and leaves you with clients begging to buy from you!


So you've followed these tips and you've booked a sales call with a new potential client. Now what?
I want you to get set up for success. Get my free Supercharged Sales Call Success Workbook that includes more ways to get discovery call bookings as well as my 12 Step Soulful Sales Formula. This 12 Step Soulful Sales Formula is the exact formula I use to close my discovery calls with soul-aligned clients.
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