Four Things I Wish I Knew When I Started My Online Business

Uncategorized Sep 24, 2020

When I first started my business I knew I wanted the freedom that allowed me to work online, but it's not that easy! Here's four things I wish I knew when I started my online business:


1) Community is EVERYTHING

I see a lot of mistakes I made early on was focusing too much on myself. It was always about what I was offering, and not enough about what my community needed. It's like having that friend that we all have who will only talk about themselves, we leave those conversations feeling a little drained. What people truly want when you are providing a service is caring about how that service affects them, and listening to their needs.


2) Know your ideal client better than they know themselves

Teaching online opens up so many possibilities, your possible client pool grows massively as you can reach thousands of more people, but this also means you have to be even clearer on who your ideal client is. For example, when I first started my online business, my client pool was all female entrepreneurs. I found I vibed with some way more than others, and that was because my ideal client was too broad! Through market research and focusing on what my expertise could offer, I managed to find my niche of helping lightworkers boost their online businesses to 6 figure launches. As soon as you find your niche, you can access a whole new range of human potential as you know exactly how to serve them.


3) Invest time and money getting your branding and messaging right

It is so so important to consider how you are branding and messaging everything! You have got to embody your brand, give off the exact vibes of your service at every given possibility, and radiate the right energy. You are your own sales page! Messaging is what you say about your services to the other person, it needs to resonate with them and represent you perfectly. Your branding is the way you pitch YOURSELF. Once your messaging and branding match up, are relevant to your ideal client, and is authentic, then you will start selling those amazing online offerings!


4) Make sure your offer solves a problem your ideal client is willing to pay to solve

When you set out to have an offer it is so important that what you create is for them and not for you. I see a lot of 'everything but the kitchen sink' offerings, which are basically just a massive brain dump of all of your expertise in one offering. Not everyone needs to know all of this though! Most clients will need help on ONE particular pain point, once you know your ideal client, you can better understand what this is, rather than overwhelming them with unnecessary information. I would say start by offering 1-2-1 sessions. This is a great way of understanding your ideal client, gaining market research, and honing your expertise. From this, you can create a fantastic online offering that is relevant to your community.


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