10 Steps to Selling Out Your Online Offers During a Pandemic [Free Masterclass]

Uncategorized Aug 18, 2020

Watch this free masterclass to learn exactly how to start creating offerings that sell out online (even in these ‘unprecedented’ times). In the blog we break the 10 steps down for you and include a free workbook at the end to map out your signature offering online.

It’s no secret that the effects of Covid-19 have had a large and reaching impact on all our lives.

BUT this impact doesn’t have to hold us back from thriving in our business, gaining clients, and selling out our online offers!

In fact, the shake up of the job market can actually be taken as a fantastic opportunity to take those next steps and start attracting new clients. I’m going to outline 10 steps that you can take to help you sell out your online offers, even during a pandemic.

1) Remove Your Limiting Beliefs Around Selling

If you have any limiting beliefs around selling during this time, it can easily create a mental block. This can lead to us selling to small and not pushing ourselves to reach those numbers that we really want, so removing these negative beliefs is essential to selling your course.

2) Instil New Positive Beliefs Around Sales

Once we have removed our limiting beliefs, it is time to instil new positive beliefs surrounding sales. This can be difficult and a lot of people struggle to maintain their confidence and belief in their course once a price is put on it. However, it’s important to remember that people WANT to invest in you and your expertise, and you are providing an important service to your clients

3) Know Exactly Who You are Serving

This includes naming your niche and knowing your ideal client. Without knowing exactly who you are serving, it becomes near enough impossible to create a relevant, engaging course that is priced correctly. Remember to get specific! Are you great at working with energy-based work? Do you have invaluable expertise in social media? Whatever it is, put it at the centre of your business model and understand the ways you need to serve these clients and solve their problems with your services.

4) Create and Nurture Them in Your Community

Creating a community for your clients is so important, it keeps them happy, whilst also offering you the opportunity to conduct some market research and gain feedback from your ideal client. I love creating groups on social media, this allows me to easily communicate with my clients, whilst also letting them communicate with each other. This space also allows you to ask questions. For example, when people request to join my Facebook group, I ask them what their number 1 issue is right now within their business. These answers create critical market research, which leads on to step number 5.

5) Know What Problems They are Willing to Pay to Solve

What are the main problems that come up within your niche? As suggested above, a little market research goes a long way. When you have curated a space for your community to speak, you will start to see common patterns in issues. This can then become your framework for creating an online course that would minimise a specific issue that you have identified as common.

6) Create an Irresistible Offer

For an offer to be truly irresistible the results you are offering must be tangible and real. For example, if my niche was female life coaches, and their particular issue was not gaining enough clients, I could create a course that outlines how to create more visibility online to gain client interest; this is a super tangible and easy to understand offer, which you can also easily prove provides results.

We want this offer to be as inviting as possible in every way. It needs to be structured in a way that is directly tailored to your ideal client. For example, let’s say you are working with mompreneurs who are juggling child care and work. In this scenario, how can you make your programme easy for them to take part in? Could you offer sessions in the evening when their children have gone to bed or maybe a less intense course that spans over a longer period of time? It has to be completely based around your ideal client and making it as easy for them as possible to do your course.

If you are ready to map yours out now, come and grab your free signature offering workbook here, it takes you through at 5 parts of putting together and irresistible offer.

7) Set the Correct Prices

I think that ‘charge your worth’ is a ridiculous statement, but one that I see often in the coaching industry. Your worth is priceless, you are the most worthy version of yourself you will ever be, an your prices do not determine your worth. Price is then an agreement between one person needing something, and another person being able to offer it. It becomes an agreement in the middle that is fair for that trade off. It once again comes down to knowing your ideal client, everyone can afford to invest different amounts at different points in their journey. For example, brand new entrepreneurs will not have the same amount of money to invest as say a qualified doctor who is interested in working more spiritually.

You have to know your own aims and goals financially. If you want to hit a 10k month, how will you achieve this? How is this possible in your current situation? If, for example, you have a smaller following on social media, you will struggle to sell a £200 package to enough people to reach 10K. However, if you add more worth and depth to your course, or create a course that spans a longer amount of time, you can then charge more for your services, getting you closer to your goal with still a smaller amount of clients.

8) Know Your Sales Funnel Strategy

It is important to remember that this isn’t just an isolated sale. The reason that sales psychology works is because it builds on the relationship between you and your client, and takes them on a full journey with you. From an ideal client’s first awareness of your services, through to their decision to invest, their is the journey in the middle whereby they evaluate how useful your expertise are to them as a business owner. How will you provide a compelling case? Have you got positive feedback from previous clients, or an exciting freebie that seems impossible to pass up? Remember to acknowledge this as a process, not just a point A to point B situation.

9) Show Up, Get Visible!

Before during and after your launch you need to be visible. This means Facebook and Instagram Live, blogs, IGTV, podcasts. Anything that will reach a new or larger audience, do it. The larger quantity of people you can access, the more people you will convert to your course.

10) Be Consistent!

Don’t just show up during launch then disappear, be there. Stay there. People expect you to show up and lead, and to maintain this trust you need to prove that you are capable of that. Creating a regular posting schedule for social media, or a weekly newsletter, are easy ways to stay consistent with your client base. Let’s give people a small glimpse of structure during this crazy and uncertain time, and allow them to feel supported and encouraged in their endeavours.

11 ) Bonus- Grab Your Free Signature Offering Workbook

When you are ready to take the next steps and really map out your signature offering and price it perfectly so you can start selling out your programmes and courses with ease online then here is my signature offering workbook, it’s FREE for a limited time only!


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