How To Up Your Sales!

Sales can seem a little daunting, but I promise you it's not all as scary as you think! I'm going to let you in on my tips and tricks that make sales feel soul-aligned and rewarding, whilst also growing your business.


If you are someone who wants to change the world, then remember that for every sale you make, you ARE changing somebody's world. Selling is serving! You are here to make a positive impact, and for the fulfillment that impact gives you. Your services can have a huge impact on people, so selling them is only bringing good to the world. 


Here are 3 key steps to up your sales and sell out your services!


Step 1: Sales Mindset

The first thing you need is to visualise your success, you need to see yourself and your business where you want it to be. Who do you need to become to make your business goals achievable? So let's make a stretch goal. Think to yourself, how much do I want to earn this month? From this, focus on what you need to...

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Coaching and Neuropsychedelics

Those of you who know me have probably heard me talking about plant medicine or psychedelics and their amazing potential for transformation.

As someone in the process of writing a book on the benefits of psychedelics and organising a (legal) psychedelic mastermind retreat on a private island in the Netherlands, I’m always excited to share stories and information about the huge potential of these substances. 

But what are psychedelics? And how do they work exactly? Let’s first clear up a few terms: the word “psychedelic” combines the Greek words for mind/soul (psyche) and manifest/reveal (d─ôlos) – meaning anything that brings the true nature of the mind into a conscious, observable space. When referring to psychedelics, we are usually talking about substances that produce a specific altered state of consciousness, such as LSD, magic mushrooms, or ayahuasca, to name a few. 

You might also hear the term entheogen, which means “to find God...

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Four Things I Wish I Knew When I Started My Online Business

When I first started my business I knew I wanted the freedom that allowed me to work online, but it's not that easy! Here's four things I wish I knew when I started my online business:


1) Community is EVERYTHING

I see a lot of mistakes I made early on was focusing too much on myself. It was always about what I was offering, and not enough about what my community needed. It's like having that friend that we all have who will only talk about themselves, we leave those conversations feeling a little drained. What people truly want when you are providing a service is caring about how that service affects them, and listening to their needs.


2) Know your ideal client better than they know themselves

Teaching online opens up so many possibilities, your possible client pool grows massively as you can reach thousands of more people, but this also means you have to be even clearer on who your ideal client is. For example, when I first started my online business, my client pool...

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Why You Need To Stop Wasting Your Time on Facebook Group Sales Threads

Right guys, it’s time to stop messing about and to start doing things that are actually going to make you money! There’s a reason I don’t have a sales thread on the Soulful Success Society Facebook Group, and that’s because a lot of the time, they don’t work. People put out all kinds of offers, without really thinking about who is in that group, how appropriate their offer is, and without giving people the value they need to invest. This is why I have a freebies thread instead! I wanna know what freebies you are offering that are going to actually show your value, properly convince someone of your knowledge and expertise, and eventually land that sale.

So, here are my 2 main reasons why you should stop wasting time on Facebook sales threads, and instead make proactive and intentional movement to sell your programmes!

Reason 1 - It’s not your audience

Even if someone has grown a group that has a very similar client base to your ideal client, ask...

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5 Proven Sales Strategies That Will Mean Your Calendar Is Fully Booked With Dream Clients Excited To Work With You!

I don’t mean to sound too excited but this is my favourite topic EVER! I wanna share with you not only a little about sales and pricing psychology but actual sales strategies that will help you book your dream clients and sell out your online programmes.

Pricing Psychology

Firstly let me just run you through a quick recap of how I understand and use pricing psychology. I tend to work in a hierarchy of service, this means that your services go from a large amount of generic content, such as social media posts and free content, all the way up to the highly individualised content, which are your high ticket services.

This is because money is energy! The amount of money you then charge for a service should be in line with the amount of energy you put into a service. So, for example, a 1:1 coaching client will gain a far more individualised experience which takes more energy and time from you, than someone who follows your Instagram and benefits from your free social media posts. I...

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6 Common Pricing Mistakes & Free Workbook To Fix Them

Pricing your offers properly is difficult, right? the fear of over-pricing, under-prising, raising prices or lowering them, in fact I think that pretty much any form of pricing causes a lot of people that feeling of existential dread. But have no fear! I’ve collated a list of all the common pricing mistakes I see in my clients and peers, and I’m going to talk you through it so pricing becomes a piece of cake.

1) I undercharge and never hit my income goal

So first of all, have an income goal in mind BEFORE designing any service. This will tell you what you need to be selling, to who and how many of them, so you can reverse engineer it. This can be thought of in terms of manifestation. Manifestation is not a cure all magical spell that just happens, its you being aware of everything goes on, tapping in to your cognitive bias and reverse engineering the thing you want in life so that it happens.

So let’s say you want to earn 10k this month, if you have a service...

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Hierarchy of Service

How can you be of service? This is the question I ask myself every day before I meditate, I let it guide my decision making and it keeps me in alignment with myself and my business. A hierarchy of service pyramid is a way of organising your services from low-ticket to high-ticket items, and can be super valuable in understanding how to value and price your online programmes! Below I’m going to talk you through an example of how to create your own hierarchy of services, and what that might include.


Diagram of hierarchy of services

Diagram of hierarchy of services

1) Free content

Free content can include a huge variety of services, including podcasts, Youtube videos, social media posts or blog posts to name a few. This would make up the base of your pyramid, this kind of work requires the least amount of individualisation on your behalf, and relies on the client to guide themselves through the information.

It is still important to make sure the free information you put out is...

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6 Phoney Pandemic Money Stories

It can be a scary time for business owners in this current climate, and there is a huge amount of information out there telling us that to be a business owner during this pandemic is a dire situation to be in. However, a lot of what we are told is in reference to offline businesses, and online businesses are actually booming! Below I have outlined some phoney pandemic money stories, which can keep online soul-centred businesses from flourishing during this time of change and adaptation.

1. No One is Buying

I work with A LOT of wonderful women, from my peers, to the ladies who are in my mastermind, we have a great community of people who are running online businesses. I can then tell you from experience that people are buying, both me and the ladies I work with have had sell-out launches over this time, and not only that but we have experienced huge growth in our businesses!

2. People Don’t Have Any Money Right Now

Whilst many people may not be working, this does not mean they...

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10 Steps to Selling Out Your Online Offers During a Pandemic [Free Masterclass]

Watch this free masterclass to learn exactly how to start creating offerings that sell out online (even in these ‘unprecedented’ times). In the blog we break the 10 steps down for you and include a free workbook at the end to map out your signature offering online.

It’s no secret that the effects of Covid-19 have had a large and reaching impact on all our lives.

BUT this impact doesn’t have to hold us back from thriving in our business, gaining clients, and selling out our online offers!

In fact, the shake up of the job market can actually be taken as a fantastic opportunity to take those next steps and start attracting new clients. I’m going to outline 10 steps that you can take to help you sell out your online offers, even during a pandemic.

1) Remove Your Limiting Beliefs Around Selling

If you have any limiting beliefs around selling during this time, it can easily create a mental block. This can lead to us selling to small and not pushing ourselves...

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Are Your Problems Your Choice?

Unpopular Opinion: I have experienced 'clinical mental health' problems and they were inadvertently my choice.

My powerlessness was a choice. My bad behaviour was a choice. My repetition of the same negative coping mechanisms was a choice. My choosing to think what worked for others wouldn't work for me was a choice. My poor diet and lack of exercise was a choice. My avoidance of soul-nourishing activities was a choice. My using of substances to not have to sit with the discomfort of my thoughts was a choice. My going to a job that made me sick with stress was a choice. My relationships with people who I wanted to 'fix' so I didn't have to fix myself was a choice.

I chose to be un-empowered because it served me. Unhappy and struggling was my (uncomfortable) comfort zone. I didn't have to expend any effort, it was autopilot living. It allowed me to support my internal narrative and cognitive bias saying 'I am unworthy, I'm not good enough, I can't help it, I struggle with my mental...

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