Hey, I’m Rosie.

I’m the CEO of Conscious Enterprise and a UK-born and bred Soulful Success Coach, here to show ambitious AF women like you how to massively uplevel their beliefs, businesses, and bank balances. (And fair warning — it might get a lil psychedelic along the way!)
I swapped my teacher’s salary for the financial independence and location freedom of a super soulfully successful online business, proving once and for all that you can be spiritual AND stacked with cash.

Now I live in a beautiful beach-side plant medicine retreat resort in Costa Rica whilst watching my business soulfully scale online faster than I ever dreamt.

🦚 Like attracting an audience of 12,000 soulmate followers across various platforms in less than a year fast.
🦚 We recently celebrated an organic 6-figure launch — that means sans Facebook ads, sister!
🦚 And I’ve even had the opportunity to play on the same level as a few of my supremely successful 7-figure mentors. Pinch me, Polly! 


But this journey hasn’t always come up rose quartz crystals. Like any good yoga class, it’s had its ups and downs! 

Pour yourself a Maca Cacao Hot Chocolate, sit in half lotus pose on your meditation pillow, and lean into the screen.

Your girl’s about to tell you how she got here.

From accidental nunnery resident to psychedelic plant-toting CEO…

From bullied heaps in high-school to most confident woman in the room…

From burnt-out, overworked teacher to multiple 6-figure Soulful Success Coach…

It’s been one helluva ride.

Let’s take this trip alllllll back to my early 20s. *Time travel sequence* 


If you look at my passport, you can tell in a literal sec that I’ve always had a touch of that red hot wanderlust.
So when I graduated Uni and heard that I could go teach English in Tenerife — and they would PAY ME with a free apartment and free food — I couldn’t believe the rad effing deal I was getting.
It was like I hit the new teacher jackpot! 


They left one teeny tiny detail off the books though.
The free apartment? It was in a nunnery. Like, with real life nuns and hymns and church bells and the whole shebang.
Oh, and just in case you thought the free meals made up for the hilarity of my situation, they were just reheated Catholic school lunches, so no luck there. 
Eager to get clear of the mess I’d gotten myself into — and becoming increasingly disconnected from my friends and the non-nun world — I decided to start an online business.
Well, two, actually. The first? A Vegan blog called Plant Powered Princess (surely my meal ticket into the elite famous influencer league!!).
The second business: teaching English online.

Now that I’d created coin for myself with nothing but a laptop and a dream, I had the freedom to say “So long!” to the sisters and commune with the open road instead.  

Next stop? An ashram in India. 

Here I learned Yoga Nidra and Sanskrit chants. I practiced meditation and studied the Vedic scriptures like they were the latest edition of Glamour Magazine. And ultimately, I fell fully and flutter-y in love with the spirituality of the East.

This is where the story takes a hard left — literally, back to the UK.

Since I’d gotten my teaching qualifications way back with my old friends, the nuns, I was free and clear to take a regular Plain Jane teaching job back in my mediocre hometown.

It’s every girl’s dream, right?! Winding up in the exact same place you started?! Obvs, I’m kidding.

About the only thing that could drag my sorry ass back there was, alas, a boyI’m so sorry, Saint Beyonce, for not realising I was the irreplaceable one all along!! 

For a year, I taught English at a local secondary school….while I tried to avoid the trouble brewing at home. He wanted to settle down and have kids. I wanted to go do psychedelic drugs in the Amazon. And ne’er the two shall meet, it turns out. 🤷🏻‍♀️

We broke up. I hopped a plane to Peru.
Byyyyyyyyye, UK!
Byyyyyyyyyye, boy!
Byyyyyyyyye, burnt-out teacher who lived for work instead of living for herself!!!!! 

Sad and depressed? Not for long! In Peru, I had a totally transcendent experience with Mama Aya (that’s the medicinal plant ayahuasca if you haven’t met her yet).

I found my inner-goddess and limitlessness — and it was both terrifying and awe-inspiring that I had wasted so much of my potential up until this point. Whoops! Bad Rosie! 

I realized it was my soul’s mission to show people just how free they could be. They could do what they wanted and be who they wanted and manifest anything they wanted — and I could help them do it.

Hell yeah! Now we were cooking with gas!!

Serendipitously, I stumbled upon a book on Positive Psychology by Niyc Pidgeon. “Wait. This is a whole thing???? Bloody hell, I want in!!” I thought to myself. 

So, I went back to school and got a Master’s in Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology. Like, I studied happiness. For. A. Living.


It was about this time that loads of friends started banging on my door, curious if I could show them how I’d started my online businesses. Before I knew it, I was teaching people how to create online courses and use online marketing to create money and discover true freedom in their lives.

Soon I embraced my new identity as a Soulful Success coach, creating my own coaching methodology and scaling to multiple 6-figures, rapidly growing an audience of 12K, and having an organic 6-figure launch — all in the last year alone. 

Now I coach thought leaders, change-makers, and conscious entrepreneurs through all of the fun stuff: creating time, money and location freedom of course making a massive impact and massive income at the same time.

And yes, we do keep it soulful around here. I wouldn’t have it any other way!


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